Office Tour

Media Room & Amenities

The most unique quality of our dental practice is its ability to enhance your dental visit through the use of visual entertainment. There is an on-site movie theater; our version of the silver screen is a high definition display that can be viewed from our movie theater seats. The seats are arranged in a stadium-seating configuration, in a very comfortable, custom-designed viewing room. A large list of movie titles is available to be viewed at any time. This is great for families that come in together, for the mom who has to bring the whole crew in for little Johnny’s dental appointment.

Dr. Garza chose to design the office with this unique feature because he has found that one of the most difficult dilemmas facing a family when scheduling for dental visits is “what to do with the rest of the family”. He hopes that this concept will help the family member “in charge” manage the entire family’s dental visits with ease and efficiency. He also hopes that all of our patients will find that the movie theatre setting brings a more comfortable and soothing environment.

Additional entertainment is provided in an area designated for video games.

In addition, we have an over-the-dental chair “personal entertainment system” which allows you to watch your favorite movie, concert, or music CD with your own personal headset.