Factors in Oral Hygiene for Special Needs Children

Special Needs Children's Oral Care

As many of my patients know, I have a Special Needs Child that has Down Syndrome.  He is the best thing that ever happen to my family. He is 7 years old now and does not like any type of doctor's office because he has been to so many appointments in his short life so I can't really blame him.  When it comes to going to the Dental Office it is hard for him to even come into the office let alone sit in the chair.  So long ago, I made a plan to increase his cooperation in helping me provide him with oral hygiene.

The "Do" Factors:

1. Set aside a specific time each day to do his Oral hygiene. 

2. Make sure it is at the same place so the child will know exactly why they are there and what is expected of them to do.

3. Make it fun. Tell them there is a surprise at the end. Play music etc.

4. Make it a routine and praise good behaviour and they will start to understand that this behavior is expected of them.

The "Don't" Factors:

1. Pretty much the opposite of the  "Do" Factors.


*All Special needs chidren are not the same and will require grooming to accept oral hygiene 

Check Out Michael's Tooth Brushing Journey with the attached link.




Dr. Anthony S. Garza Dr. Anthony Garza Owner of Dental Frontiers

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