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Digital dentistry improves the precision and speed of dental procedures, benefitting your overall oral health as well as the aesthetics of your smile. Anthony Garza, DDS, and the staff at Dental Frontiers & Associates offer advanced digital dentistry as part of their quality family dental services. To benefit from digital dentistry services, call the office in Tomball, Texas, or schedule an appointment online today.

Digital Dentistry Q&A

What is digital dentistry?

Digital dentistry refers to the computer technology used to provide state-of-the-art patient care. Dental Frontiers & Associates uses advanced digital technology for imaging, like X-rays, to make diagnoses and patient education. 

What is interactive video technology?

The providers at Dental Frontiers & Associates use a tiny video camera to provide a real-time image of your oral health. The video camera is small enough to attach to a device that is the size of a pen. 

This tiny intraoral camera can replace the small, round mirror once used to examine the inside of your mouth. The cameras magnify Dr. Garza’s view so he can catch issues, like cavities or cracks, at the earliest stage. When treated early, oral health problems are easier to resolve, and complications are unlikely. 

Dr. Garza uses interactive video technology to take pictures of problems like cavities or fractured fillings. He can use the images to explain the extent of the damage and why certain treatments are imperative to your oral health.

What are digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays are safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional X-rays. They require no chemicals for film development. Digital X-rays also reduce your exposure to radiation by 90%. 

Digital radiography offers nearly instant images of the insides of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. 

The files are easily shared with specialists, if necessary, and can be easily referenced over time. 

The digital X-rays give Dr. Garza a clear, high-resolution view of your teeth, jawbone, tooth roots, and tissue. He can easily show you the image on a computer screen and point out a dental problem so you can see and understand the issue as well as possible solutions.

What are the benefits of digital dentistry?

Digital dentistry provides a more thorough and precise diagnosis and evaluation of your oral health. It also allows you to see and understand what Dr. Garza sees more clearly. 

Digital dental records are easily stored, making them accessible for the evaluation of year-over-year oral health changes. Dental health professionals who employ digital dentistry can provide state-of-the-art care.

Dental Frontiers & Associates also uses digital impressions for crowns, bridges, and orthodontics, speeding up the restoration process and avoiding messy and uncomfortable impression materials.

If you’re ready to benefit from digital dentistry services, call Dental Frontiers & Associates to schedule an appointment or book one online today.